Total Monitor count is: 15

Uptime monitor for [BB]. Information on what each status means below.

All services are tested every 5 minutes.

Percentiles are the last 30 rolling days.

Server IDStatusOnline uptime (99th %)
BBuildNot yet tracking99.99
LobbyNot yet tracking0
[BB]Servers CPNot yet tracking0
MarruukNot yet tracking0
[BB] ForumsUp.100
Surf (Tier 1-3)Up.99.96
Surf (Tier 2-6)Up.100
Donation PageUp.100
Go FishUp.100
Loading PageUp.100
BB Web API (V1)Up.100

Monitor Information

Server Status

Not yet tracking Not yet tracking or tracking paused
Not checked. In process of checking
Up. Online
Seems to be down... Initially seems to be down, further checks required
We seem to be dead bob. Yep we're down.